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#Creatorspotlight: Meet Grace Malik. The creative storyteller and podcaster elevating brands and businesses, one story at a time.

#creatorspotlight showcases exclusive content on the inside lives and experiences of content creators globally, who maximize pagechap in promoting and showcasing their content; offline and online.

These stories are shared twice a week so you can be inspired to start building your online presence, leveraging social media, and building your audience with Pagechap in the vast creator economy

This week, we pull the curtains on Grace Malik — A Nigerian, also known as shadesofgracee online.

Grace creates timely and valuable content which directly affects individuals globally. She is intentional about sharing creative content that is authentic to help brands, businesses and individuals thrive online.

Let’s meet Grace, Shall we?

My name is Grace Malik. I create engaging and compelling content for blogs, websites, and social media pages, as a content writer.

As a storyteller, I also create stories for brands and businesses to improve their traffic, and conversion rates and bring in more engagements.

Generally, I create unique content to help brands grow.

Oh wow! This sounds interesting, What prompted you to start creating content? Specifically, storytelling?

It's innate. I can't pinpoint a specific reason other than I found myself doing it.

Ever since I was young, I would find myself writing and telling stories. Later on, when I got skilled, I knew the diversities in storytelling, content writing, and creation. But when I got started, I didn't know all that. All I knew was that I found myself doing what I loved. That's it, my love for writing prompted me to be a storyteller.

That’s nice, It’s great that you are passion-driven. What are the challenges you have faced so far?

Oh, I have faced a lot. A whole lot.

But the first is acceptance. As I always say, people still find it hard to believe that being a writer without being one of the big ones isn't possible. Thank God we're changing the status quo now though.

Another one is support. I'm grateful for one of the writing communities I joined, Writers Haven, we are a group of writers that come together and help each grow, but before that? You can only imagine how stressful it is to be an up-and-coming writer without any support, no help, emotionally and financially.

On this matter of support, there's also a market in Nigeria for writers. Support and grants for writers, for publishing and everything.

I guess those are my major challenges.

Alright, that’s a lot! Being a writer can be quite difficult I assume, How has Pagechap positively influenced or solved these challenges?

In a lot of ways. As we already know, it is that one link that serves as my online portfolio.

I've been able to add the link to my CV, send it to prospects, and add it to all of my social media pages so people can easily reach out to me there.

Yes, page chap has greatly helped my writing journey.

Wow! I am so glad you have benefited from Pagechap! What are you plans moving forward as a content creator, is there anything we should watch out for or expect from you in your niche?

Oh, a lot! A whole lot by God's grace. Thank God a new year is coming, so let's just say so many beautiful things are coming for my brand in 2023.

I'll most likely finish my second fictional novel, and hold a couple more classes on Storytelling and Podcasting. Do more collaborations with other creators, and a lot more stuff you should watch out for!

That sounds like a lot, Grace! We are so excited for you, Alright, Final question, what is your advice to content creators just starting or struggling to continue?

First thing, know you and know what works for you. ‘Know your why’

Having a strong "why" will save you on days when you get tired of it all, it'll give you a reason to keep on going when you get tired, and it will push you to be better.

With regards to the first part; There are a lot of writers and a ton of writing tips and what you should and shouldn't do. If you're not careful, you'll follow them all and get confused. If care is not taken, you might get lost and stop writing altogether. To avoid that, know yourself as a person, know which tips work for you, which tools work for you, what time you write better, your boundaries and limits, and everything that will help you get better at what you do.

And always rest. Take breaks. It's easy to get caught up in everything and forget that you're still human. Allow yourself to make mistakes and get better at them.

I've been in this for a while and I know there's no blueprint. Don't use anyone as a yardstick. Do you. Find your style and stick with it.

Read a lot, be exposed, join writing communities and forums, and get better at what you do.


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