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#Creatorspotlight: Meet Mirabel Jonathan. Freelance writer and Founder of Mirawrites

#creatorspotlight showcases exclusive content twice a week on the inside lives and experiences of content creators globally, who maximize pagechap in promoting and showcasing their content; offline and online.

This week, we pull the curtains on Mirabel Jonathan— A Nigerian, also known as Mirabel Jonathan online.

Mirabel is a freelance writer that is building an evergreen brand that will empower young writers on how to navigate the Literary industry and creator economy.

Let’s meet Mirabel, Shall we?

My name is Mirabel Jonathan. I'm a writer and founder of Mirawrites, a platform where I teach people different forms of writing. I'm a social entrepreneur, and co-founder of the Quivers Hub (a readers and mind build up club) in Kaduna state university.

I also partnered in the creation of a library and the organization of several events like the Truth and Transformation Conference and a drug addiction campaign with Uzzah Wado Ministries international. I am a leader and emotional intelligence advocate that hails from Kaduna state where I am studying Agriculture at Kaduna state university, Kafanchan campus. I have written several short stories as a freelance writer and I enjoy teaching creative writing. I am passionate about growth and impact. And when I'm not writing, I'm listening to music and taking selfies.

Oh wow! What motivated you to start your Career?

I have always been passionate about this. I started reading more books and writing when I was in my junior secondary school. I started by writing a lot of stories which my classmates loved to read, then they started meeting me to write for them.

It was passion and at the same time a need to solve problems that led to all these today.I have also come to love art and I feel free whenever I express myself through writing. Art for me is freedom. It's the second most important place where I can fully be me. It's beautiful and it should be explored.

What’s the story behind your Brand; Mirawrites and Quivers Hub?

I publicly announced Mirawrites on 15th February last year. It's a personal brand and platform that aims at teaching different forms of writing to solve the problems of writers. My services cover fiction writing, article writing, copywriting, story telling, etc.

Quivers Hub consists of a book club and mind's game club. We have a telegram group where we read books of different genres and organize webinars. We also have a games club where we accommodate people who are interested in playing thought provoking games like chess and scrabble. We have also created a library at Kaduna State University, Kafanchan campus, where students borrow our books to read. Our aim is to inculcate excellence in our members and to promote lifelong learning.

This must be a lot to handle, what are the challenges you have faced so far?

For Mirawrites, my major challenge has been the load of work on my head because a brand needs a lot to make it stand. But I recently created a team and we're working on everything. There's the problem of sales too. It's not easy to sell. Also, many students want the results but they do not want to do the work. But I guess this happens to a lot of people.

For Quivers Hub, our challenge is more financial. We have a big goal but not enough resources to reach out to as many people as we want. We also realized that there's a reading problem with a lot of young people. It's funny how we all want to say a lot but do not want to sit down and equip ourselves.

This is very true. Starting up a brand and nurturing it can be very difficult. Mirabel, I see you have a pagechap account, How will Pagechap help you solve some issues you face as a content creator?

I think that it's not enough to be a content creator. I need tools, content, techniques and courses I can use to be consistent as a content creator and I believe Pagechap has the tools to make my creative journey easier.

Alright! What are your plans moving forward as a Brand owner and Writer? Is there anything we should watch out for or expect from you in your niche?

I wouldn't say much about my plans because I like to just bring it on. I like it when my followers are always wowed by a new development and a wise man once said do not speak before you do. Do it and when it's time, you can talk about it with the results that would follow.

But be assured that Mirawrites aims at helping a lot of writers write better.We also want to handle problems that busy people do not have the time to solve.

This sounds great! Final question, what is your advice to content creators just starting out or struggling to continue?

Keep at it. Two things will bring you the results you want. Consistency and singleness.

Do not start something and jump into another, stay with it and learn how to make it work. Your major followers will come when they are sure you are a die hard fan of what you do.


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