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#Creatorspotlight: Meet Praise Abraham. The Multifaceted Freelance writer positively influences the world with her skills

#creatorspotlight showcases exclusive content on the inside lives and experiences of content creators globally, who maximize pagechap in promoting and showcasing their content; offline and online.

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This week, we pull the curtains on Praise Abraham — A Nigerian, also known as peculiarpraise1 online.

Praise creates timely and valuable content which directly affects individuals globally, She spreads her message with intentionality and is ready to invade the world with all the Christian content she has to offer.

Let’s get to know her.

Let’s meet Praise, Shall we?

My name is Praise Abraham. I'm a freelance niche-specific content creator that seeks to enlighten, entertain and educate my target audience and get engagement.

I specialize in writing Supernatural/speculative fiction.

What prompted you to start creating content? Specifically, the kind that you do?

I'm passionate about unlocking the reality of the spiritual realm. In creating riveting stories that resonate with readers' souls, I aim to proclaim Christ to the nations and transform lives.

This is truly beautiful and amazing, what are the challenges you have faced so far?

As a writer, I think one of the biggest challenges I've faced is consistency.

Also, it can get discouraging when one doesn't get the expected response after putting so much brain and time energy into work.

But these are challenges I seek every day to surmount.

This is so true and I completely agree. Consistency and building a response audience have been two of the most difficult yet essential parts of being a content creator.

How has pagechap positively influenced or solved these challenges?

Concerning the consistency aspect, the newsletter feature of Pagechap, has helped me to create consistent content. Although I'm still working on that.

For responses, I believe pagechap has simplified the way my audience can reach me.

That sounds great! What are your plans moving forward as a content creator, is there anything we should watch out for, or expect from you in your niche?

I plan to make meaningful connections both with fellow content creators who can motivate and challenge me to be better and also with people who love my work, sort of like a fan base.

I intend to start a new book in an ongoing series I have started on Wattpad.

The first book in the Supernatural Diaries Series, A Pastor's Daughter's Diary, has already been launched. It is available on Amazon.

Alright. Final question; What is your advice to content creators just starting or struggling to continue?

For content creators who are just starting, I'd say find a good community of writers; preferably in your niche.

Growth isn't always very obvious at the beginning. Only time tells what's true, so keep at it.

For those struggling to continue, I'll say rewind back time and find that one thing that got you started in the first instance.

Your passion can be reignited. Don't give up.


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