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Meet Murphy Irehovbude: A Multi-Talented Educator and Content Writer

Meet Murphy Irehovbude: A Multi-Talented Educator and Content Writer

We are thrilled to feature Mr. Murphy Irehovbude in our Pagechap Spotlight of the month. He is a talented and accomplished ESL teacher, content writer, and speech and debate coach. In this interview, Murphy shares his insights and experiences as a dedicated educator and content writer. He also discusses the challenges he has faced in his work, his future goals, and how his use of Pagechap has helped him manage his online presence. Join us as we learn from this inspiring individual who has found success in multiple fields while maintaining a passion for teaching and inspiring others.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, and how you got into teaching, writing, and coaching?

Murphy: My name is Murphy Irehovbude fondly called, ‘Prof’ by family and acquaintances. I'm called Prof because I am a studious person. As a passionate teacher and content writer, I work wonders with words.

I commenced writing valuable content officially in Secondary School (2009) when I became the President of a Literary & Debating Society and Press Club (cojoined clubs). I was responsible for writing news, creative content, debates, and other speeches. I edited and proofread speeches. I also represented my school and won many prizes.

Afterward, I became an educator in 2011 and I’ve been using this knowledge of content writing to help pupils win awesome prizes for about 12 years now. One of my pupils won N100,000 cash prize in Kellogg’s National Competition.

Interviewer: Awesome! What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in your work, and how have you overcome them?

Murphy: Search for gigs - When I started content writing, I didn't have any portfolio, but someone introduced me to Pagechap, and I started building my portfolio last year in November – December.

Visibility: I needed to be more visible, and I optimized my LinkedIn page to showcase my teaching and writing skills. I currently have 6K followers.

Low Salary in Teaching: To tackle this, I decided to upskill and take International courses so I can teach online. I currently have 2 International certificates: (i) TEFL and (ii) UNESCO Digital Teacher. Those are the main ones I can recall now.

Interviewer: This is so good! I love your story, and how you've not allowed the challenges to hold you down. How has Pagechap helped you manage your online presence as an educator and content writer?

Murphy: Thank you. I am distinguished when I go for interviews. The interviewers are usually surprised when I say, "You may check my portfolio/website for more details." I included Pagechap in my CV. They don't see me like any other applicant.

As a content writer, people always complement my work when they visit my page. I'm glad I have an account with Pagechap where my works are readily available for evaluation purposes.

Interviewer: Wow! This is Amazing! Can you share any other specific examples of how Pagechap has helped you in your work, such as improving engagement or driving traffic to your profile?

Murphy: Pagechap is on my social media platforms, such as Twitter, Steemit, Instagram, and so on. I had someone who saw my page once, come up to me once for one-on-one coaching on how he could set his up. I gave him the necessary guides. Pagechap has increased the traffic to my profile.

Interviewer: How do you stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in your field, and what resources do you rely on for inspiration and guidance?

Murphy: As an avid reader, I gather information mainly by reading, I take relevant courses as well. I also connect with like-minded professionals on LinkedIn.

Interviewer: What are your personal and professional goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Murphy: I plan to be more valuable in the market place and to achieve that, I will be going for my Masters this year and attaining a Cambridge Teaching Certificate (IGSCE).

Interviewer: Lastly, what message would you like to share with other educators and content creators who are using social media to reach their audiences?

Murphy: They should learn to leverage Pagechap for more visibility. They should continue to upskill. It's not optional, it's a necessity. They should not be discouraged by low engagements, we all started from 0 likes and 0 comments.

Interviewer: I like the fact that you said Skilling up is a necessity and not optional, and the last sentence is so profound. Thank you so much for your time, and the valuable nuggets you've shared with us.

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