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Meet Mrs. Lydia Ellams: An Inspiration for Working Moms

Meet Mrs. Lydia Ellams: An Inspiration for Working Moms

Mrs. Lydia Ellams is a certified English teacher, writer, editor, proofreader, phonetician, and mother. In this interview, she shares her background, goals, and how she has been able to balance her work, kids, and home duties. She also discusses how Pagechap has contributed to her career growth.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Mrs Lydia: My name is Lydia Ellams nee Okosun. The fifth child of a family of eight. I hail from Edo state, I was born in Lagos, Mushin to be precise. I had my education in Lagos. I studied Accounting for my National Diploma but crossed to read English for the National Certificate Education (NCE). I am currently a certified English teacher, writer, editor, proofreader, and phonetician.

Interviewer: You are vast in the arts field. How do you balance your work, kids, and home duties?

Mrs. Lydia: My husband is indeed my number one help. He assists me virtually with everything when the children were little and now that they are grown-ups.

I won't leave my children out of this, they are so great a support system I can ever imagine.

Interviewer: How has Pagechap helped you manage your social media presence, and what specific benefits have you noticed?

Mrs. Lydia: I would say that Pagechap has been able to put all my work in one place and order. It's like me having to get a place where all that wish to know more about what I do has access to it. And with Pagechap, I have realized that I have a website on which I can sell what I do and even get others to know more about my career. There has been and will always be growth especially now that I am using the website.

Interviewer: Interesting! What is your favorite Pagechap feature?

Mrs. Lydia: One of the major things that I love about PageChap is the link feature. Being able to place all my social media links, and other links like my medium blog link, and so on is a feature that I really love.

It is so easy because when someone visits my Pagechap page, they have direct access to the links where I have everything that I do.

Interviewer: This is heartwarming. Glad that Pagechap is dispensing value. What are your future goals, both personally and professionally, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Mrs. Lydia: My future goals are numerous, but the paramount ones are to own a special school where people will be trained on how to enunciate their words with precision and communicate effectively. Another one like it is to own ultra-modern schools that will cater to the needs of children in all spheres. My aim is not geared towards profit making, but to touch the lives of those who can not afford qualitative and sound education.

Also, publish books that will be accepted both nationally and internationally.

At present, I am reaching out to people on different platforms (online) freely, teaching them how to upskill in effective communication and make a living from it.

Being in the teaching line and having the passion to make a change in the lives of young minds has driven me to give my time to teach them even during the holidays, with this, and God being on my side, this goal will be fulfilled.

To round off, I have been working on my books bit by bit, but with more effort, I should release two books by God's grace before this year runs out.

Interviewer: You have big dreams and valid ones at that. On a final note, what message would you like to share with other women who are juggling work, kids, and home duties?

Mrs. Lydia: It is tedious juggling all of these, but I will advise that they take one thing at a time. Why I said this, is because the activity of child-rearing and home duty can be frustrating. A career woman may not find it easy, but she can get reliable help to assist in taking care of all these so that she could pursue her career without any stress.

Some women with the consent of their husbands may decide to opt out of work in the meantime to take care of themselves, the children, and the home front. But this does not mean that they should not pursue their God-given talents.

Taking care of the children alone is a big job, let alone the house chores.

Also, I want to advise them to be strong for themselves and their families, with time, the children will grow up to help where necessary.

Interviewer: Hmmmmm. This has been such an enriching conversation. I must say you have a balanced approach to home and work life. Thank you so much for the audience given to us.

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