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Unveiling Mary Victoria Olusegun: A Passionate Content Creator, Photo, and Video Editor

Unveiling Mary Victoria Olusegun: A Passionate Content Creator, Photo, and Video Editor

In our latest spotlight interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Victoria Olusegun, a talented content creator, photo editor, and video editor. Victoria takes us on her inspiring journey and shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs in these creative fields. From her humble beginnings during the Covid "stay at home" period to her ambitions for the future, Mary Victoria's story is one of determination, resilience, and continuous growth. Join us as we delve into her creative journey and discover how Pagechap has played a significant role in showcasing her work effectively.

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell us about your journey as a content creator, photo editor, and video editor, and how you got started in these fields?

VICTORIA: Definitely! It was during the Covid "stay at home" in 2020. I worked as a sales girl then, I got my first Smartphone through my Boss at work.

I attended a free training then and we were taught video editing. I was so shocked I could do something like that with my phone. Ever since then, I have developed a passion for Editing. I decided to learn more and improve myself.

It was in 2021 that I got into photo editing and here we are today. It's been an awesome journey, and I'm honestly looking forward to becoming more in my chosen path.

INTERVIEWER: What a journey! This is beautiful! What have been some of the biggest challenges you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them?

VICTORIA: Some of the biggest challenges I've faced.

Being Creative is one hell of a challenge. Because to be in the Editing industry requires creativity as that is what will make one stand out. One thing I always do is to feed my brain with creativity. I make sure to follow people that are doing well in my field. YouTube and Google are my best friends also. From there, I get creative ideas and before you know it, I'd create something amazing.

Another Challenge is getting jobs. It hasn't been easy, and it still isn't easy, but one thing that works for me is the excellence of my work. The few people I've worked with are the ones who refer me because they’ve seen the quality of what I do, also, I don't depend on only working for others. With my current level of knowledge, I put together a training session and a few people join too.

I also struggle with my working device. This has been a very huge challenge I'm still trying to overcome. Honestly, it's not easy editing with a phone like mine. My phone is just 1GB RAM and Most time it gives me trouble. What I do is, whenever I have a project, I borrow people's phones. There was a time I had to even rent a phone because all plans towards getting one were proving abortive, but nevertheless, we keep moving, and I'm sure soon enough, I'd get a better device.

INTERVIEWER: Excellence and Resilience always wins. How has Pagechap contributed to your growth as a content creator and helped you showcase your work effectively?

VICTORIA: Being in the creative journey/industry, you can agree with me that one would need a portfolio. I had been wanting to build one, but I just didn’t get the right platform to use. Luckily, I saw a post about Pagechap on Ann Ben's Facebook Timeline, and it came at the right time. I attended the crash course organized by Pagechap, and I built my portfolio.

Now I can apply for more opportunities that require attaching a portfolio and it helps me keep all my links in one place. And the fact that it also allows me to share "About Myself" with my audience makes it more appealing.

Last week, I applied for a Job using my portfolio on Pagechap and they were impressed that it's a Platform established in Nigeria, by a Nigerian. Though I didn't get the Job, the Portfolio still helped. So Yes, Pagechap has been very helpful.

INTERVIEWER: Wow! This is good! I'm so sorry you didn't get the job. Can you share any specific examples of how Pagechap has enhanced your ability to present your content and engage with your audience?

VICTORIA: The Newsletter Feature has enabled me to share my thoughts with my audience. The space for the Links has also helped me share my best post. I once included my YouTube channel too, and it made access easier.

INTERVIEWER: Great! I love this. What strategies do you employ to stay motivated and continually improve your skills as a photo and video editor?

VICTORIA: I use the Learn & Reward strategy for improvement. I task myself to learn something new and reward myself. I love watching movies, so mostly, I use that as my reward.

I learn something new, Practice it, and get rewarded by watching movies, it sounds childish, but it has been working for me. And here are some words I always keep in mind, "Learning is a Continuous Process." "Keep practicing, The more you practice the better you'll become". These Words have always kept me in check.

INTERVIEWER: Learn and Reward strategy. To say I love this would be an understatement. What advice would you give to aspiring content creators and photo/video editors who are just starting their journey?

VICTORIA: I have a few pieces of advice for aspiring creators. Start where you are, with what you have. Don't wait until you get all the necessary equipment. Find out your advantages and use them to skyrocket your journey. Practice, Practice, and Practice. That's the only way you would get better. Don't be too proud to learn. One can never know it all. Believe in your WHY, as this would make your journey meaningful.

It is not going to be easy, but with time, it will only get better.

INTERVIEWER: You're young but I must say, you have a wise view of life. This is gold! How do you see your career evolving in the future, and how do you plan to leverage Pagechap to further enhance your success?

VICTORIA: I am enjoying the process right now, and in the next few years, I see myself enhancing my skills, developing my brand, and being in a position where I will be one of the best Photo & Video Editors! I plan to leverage the Pagechap newsletter feature particularly, to build a reputable audience for myself and my brand there. A link to my Pagechap Profile will always be on all my social media platforms, there I will be able to direct people interested to sign up.

INTERVIEWER: This is beautiful to see Victoria. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Check out Victoria’s Pagechap Profile Here

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