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5 Valentine’s Campaign Ideas You Can Fall In Love With

Whenever February starts, there’s always one thing on every digital creator’s mind. Whether you’re creating content or strategizing for your personal brand, or you’re a social media manager or marketer strategizing for the brand you work for, you’re definitely going to love these campaign ideas we’ve come up with. So now that we’ve done the thinking for you, all you have to do is execute one or more of these ideas and watch your brand awareness grow this month!

1. Host a giveaway

If there’s one thing your audience probably likes, it’s free stuff. A great idea to promote your brand this month is hosting a Valentine’s Day giveaway! It could be products, event tickets, or merch from your brand. And you could give it away to a couple, friends, or even someone single so they don’t miss out on all the love that day. Don’t forget to curate the rules of the giveaway in a way that gets your brand some form of awareness, an increase in followers, website traffic, or whatever your goal for the giveaway is.

2. Create a Valentine’s gift guide

Depending on what your brand is, a good way to connect with your audience is to create a a gift guide for your ideal customer persona. For instance, we’re putting together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for content creators soon that we can’t wait for you to see! It’ll include 5 great gift ideas for you if you have a content creator friend or partner you’d love to give a Valentine’s Day surprise. Stay glued to our Instagram so you don’t miss out on it.

3. Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about romantic couples. You can celebrate friendships with your campaigns and make it “Galentine’s” Day instead of the Valentine’s that we all know. You can celebrate friendships by making some social media posts celebrating friendships, hosting a contest for friends to win, and many more ideas too!

4. Run an influencer campaign

You can partner with an influencer, or even better, a couple of influencers to run a series of posts and ads to promote a specific product or service you offer that relates to Valentine’s Day, or you could promote your brand as a whole. Either way, an influencer campaign is a great way to blow up your social media and get some new eyes (your infleuncer’s audience) on your brand.

5. Show your audience some love with a sale

After freebies, the next thing your audience probably loves just as much is a sale. Whether you’re selling digital products or services from your brand as a personal content creator or physical products for a corporate brand, everyone loves to get some money off full price.

If you use any of these free Valentine’s campaign ideas, you’re guaranteed to give your brand a boost in awareness, leads, and maybe even sales! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Pagechap blog to keep getting more helpful tips like this.